After the Mexican taco and the fajitas, the enchilada is another of the typical foods of the Mexican cuisine. Like the aforementioned dishes, the enchilada features the corn tortilla.

Traditional enchilada

The typical or more common enchilada is the one that is filled with pieces of meat and black beans, however, depending on the style we want to give it, we can fill it with red or white meats, cheese, onions in rings, lettuce, sliced ​​tomato, guacamole and heavy cream.

How to prepare the enchilada

The enchiladas are easy to prepare since it only consists of filling the tortilla with the ingredients, but it is important to indicate that once we have sealed the tortilla, we must take it to the oven for at least fifteen minutes so that it is gratin with the cheese .

The enchilada, like other typical dishes, has also been adapted to the gastronomic tastes of other countries, for example, in Guatemala it is made with toast instead of corn tortilla and the filling is prepared with pieces of meat, tomato sauce, eggs hard and a pickle that is prepared with carrots, peppers, garlic, onion and chili.

Types of enchilada

Among the most common enchiladas we find:

- The green enchilada, which is stuffed with green tomatoes.
- The Swiss enchilada, where milk cream is used instead of pieces of cheese.
- The bean enchilada is stuffed and covered with a generous amount of beans.
- The mole enchilada is covered with mole and seasoned with sesame seeds.
- The northern enchilada, in it the protagonists are tomato sauce and chili.

Finally, there are the less popular variants that are: the enchilada encremada, where the important thing is to cover it with cream sauce; and the entomatada enchilada, which are generally stuffed with red meat and topped with tomato sauce and chunky cheese.

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