The island of San Andrés is one of the most important in the Caribbean and is chosen every year by thousands of tourists. Its beaches and natural parks make it perfect for lovers of the sea and nature. In this article, we give you information about it, as well as important recommendations, In addition, we show you impressive photos and videos.

Below you have an index with all the points that we are going to deal with in this article.

Location and weather

San Andrés is the largest island in the archipelago of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina, as it has an area of ​​26 km² and is located in the western Caribbean Sea. Although San Andrés is only 80 km from Nicaragua, it belongs to Colombia, from which it is separated by 775 km to Cartagena de Indias.

The island has an airport called Gustavo Rojas Pinilla International Airport. This is located in the north of the island and welcomes both national and international flights.

The climate on the island of San Andrés is warm and tropical. Temperatures are between 26 and 29 ºC, and the highest are between the months of April and October. There are two seasons: the dry and the rainy. The latter begins in May and ends in November. However, strong storms are rare.

What to do

The paradisiacal beaches of San Andrés are the ideal place to practice multiple activities such as kitesurf or windsurf. In addition, its transparent waters and coral reefs are perfect to do snorkelling or diving.

If what you like is shopping, you will be happy to know that the products are tax free. Likewise, the crafts made with coconut, banana plant or sea shells are typical. The most prominent shopping areas are:

  • Duarte Blum Avenue
  • Las Americas Avenue
  • Providencia Avenue
  • Spratt Way

In San Andrés we must also taste the local cuisine based on fish, lobsters, crabs and other seafood. These dishes are usually accompanied with plantain and yuccas, with rondón as the most traditional dish on the island (consisting of steamed fish with snails, coconut milk, seafood and wheat flour, among other ingredients).

On the other hand, in San Andrés there is an interesting night life and there are numerous clubs and venues that you can find. Among them are Coco Loco Disco Bar, Aqua Beach Club and Big Mama Original Reggae Bar.


In San Andrés there are different accommodation offers: from luxury hotels to apartments offered on portals such as Airbnb. These are some of them:

Hostel Sheylla's Place Pathway

El Hostel Sheylla's Place Pathway It is located in the north of the island, next to the beach. Some of its rooms overlook this and others the city. In addition, a few have a balcony.

Among the services offered we find private bathroom, WiFi in all rooms, kitchen service and 24-hour reception.

Island Decameron

El Island Decameron is a resort all inclusive or all inclusive. Therefore, under the same price, your clients can enjoy buffet-style food, drinks, activities program, musical shows, gym and WiFi, among other things.

The hotel has a total of 250 rooms, all with terrace or balcony. The Decameron company has four more hotels, among which is the Decameron Aquarium.

Harb House

Harb House is a luxury boutique hotel that has six suites with a different decoration inspired by Asian culture.

This accommodation is mainly aimed at couples who want to relax and enjoy privacy. The hotel has a swimming pool, restaurant and bar, as well as WiFi.


This area is called the sea of ​​7 colors because in its water you can see seven tones ranging from dark blue to aquamarine green. Some of the best beaches are as follows:

Johnny cay

Johnny Cay is a islet which is located on the north coast of San Andrés, so to get there you have to go by boat. In it we find a white sand beach with palm trees, as well as restaurants.

Unfortunately, due to the influx of tourists, they have sometimes had to close it temporarily to guarantee the health and the state of the environment. It is also known as Islet Sucre.

the little pool

La Piscinita is a natural pool that has formed in the west of the island. Here the sea is usually quite calm, so you can practice snorkel to see schools of fish.

Rocky cay

In Rocky Cay the first thing that catches your attention is the ship aground, LLAMADA nicudemus, which they have not been able to pull out. This key is formed by an uninhabited rock platform in which the water barely covers.

Sardine Bay

Bahía Sardina is the most famous beach on the island, since it is located in the tourist center, an area where we find most of the hotels. It is located in the north.

It has a total length of 450 m and from it it is easy to appreciate the different colors that make up the sea in this part of the Caribbean Sea.

Tourist sites

In San Andrés not everything is beaches. We can also visit some natural attractions of the island such as these:

Morgan cave

Henry Morgan was a famous pirate of the XVII century that committed important looting. It is said that in this cave he kept his treasures and that, when the water dries, they will be seen, because until now they have not been found.

In addition, a legend tells that in this place lives a giant crab called King crab that can be seen some nights.

Big Pond Lagoon

This place is also known as the Loma lagoon. It is located in the center and tourists like to get there on horseback. Around its fresh water you can see animals such as iguanas, turtles and even crocodiles. In addition, it is a perfect area for hiking or cycling.

Blower Hole

In the south of San Andrés we find the Hoyo Soplador, a hole through which a strong jet of water and air comes out. This is because the waves collide in underground tunnels on coral reefs.

Mangle Old Point Regional Park

In the east we find the Mangle Old Point Regional Park, specifically in Hooker and Haynes bays. It includes the mangroves where mussels, crabs and iguanas, among other animals, live.

Questions from users

Where is it best to go? To San Andrés or Punta Cana?

It depends on your tastes, because in Punta Cana the beaches are more extensive and there are more hotel complexes, but San Andrés can be a more interesting destination. Both are quite chosen areas to celebrate the honeymoon.

Why does San Andrés belong to Colombia and not to Nicargua?

Throughout the history of the 2012th century, Nicaragua repeatedly claimed this island and the rest of the archipelago. The case was taken to the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Finally, in XNUMX a sentence was passed: Colombia lost some territories, but not San Andrés.

Is there a risk of contracting the Zika virus in San Andrés?

As in much of the Caribbean, there is some risk of being bitten by a mosquito carrying the disease. However, there is no prominent danger. Therefore, it is advisable to bring repellent.

What is the currency and language used in San Andrés?

The Colombian peso is used, although in some establishments it is also possible to pay with dollars. Regarding the language, Spanish, English and Creole are official.

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