Claims for delay of a flight with Ryanair They always generate doubts and fears for tourists, mainly because they are not clear about what a cancellation or long delay consists of and the reasons why it may occur.

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Ryanair establishes that delays of more than 3 hours or cancellations on your flights will be notified via email to the e-mail address that the client provided during the reservation of their flight.

If you want to update this email address, you will need to contact the local reservation center. In this email, the client will also be informed about their options to change the reservation or refund.

Rights of the passenger

Ryanair operates under the regulation UE261, according to which the rights of its clients in case of delay of more than 3 hours or cancellation are those shown below.

For more detailed information, we recommend you take a look at the post Air passenger rights.

Right to compensation

When boarding has been denied involuntarily or the flight is suspended, these will be the amounts to which you are entitled:

  • € 250 for flights of 1.500 km or less
  • € 400 for all intra-community flights over 1.500 km and flights between 1.500 and 3.500 km

When the reasons for the cancellation do not depend or have not been caused by Ryanair, there will be no financial compensation.

These allowances will be reduced by half if Ryanair is able to offer a alternate flight and the scheduled arrival time of said flight is within one of the following periods:

  • within two hours of the original flight (on flights of 1.500 km or less)
  • within three hours of the original flight (on intra-community flights with a distance of more than 1.500 km and all flights between 1.500 and 3.500 km)

However, the regulation does not contemplate the right to compensation in the event of a delay of less than three hours.

When the passenger suffers from a serious illness that makes it impossible for you to make the flight you booked or in the event of your death, Ryanair will refund the price of the ticket for the person concerned and their companions (if any) or will give the option to change the reservation without any additional charge.

Right to refund or alternative routes

When you are voluntarily or involuntarily denied boarding or your flight is canceled, you will have the right to choose between three options:

  • Refunding
  • Alternative route to the final destination under similar transport conditions and as soon as possible
  • Alternative route to the final destination under similar transport conditions, but at a later date that you choose from the available options

If the flight is delayed more than five hours, you are entitled to a refund.

Right to assistance

In case of involuntary denied boarding, flight cancellation or delay of more than two hours, Ryanair offers the following compensation (without additional charge):

  • Vouchers redeemable for food and beverages of value proportional to the waiting time
  • Right to two phone, fax, email or telex calls
  • Hotel accommodation when the wait is extended to one night or more
  • Transportation between the airport and the place of accommodation

If, for any reason, Ryanair is unable to offer you the aforementioned assistance, the company will reimburse you for the expenses incurred by the delay or cancellation of your flight as long as you present the corresponding invoices.

For this last purpose, you will have to send a request to the following address: Ryanair Customer Services Dept., PO Box 11451, Swords, Co.Dublin, Ireland.


The Irish airline establishes a series of cases in which the above rights do not apply, which means that the passenger loses his right to any financial compensation from the company. Let's see what these exceptions are:

  1. When the flight cancellation has been notified to the passenger at least 15 days prior to the scheduled flight departure date.
  2. When the cancellation of the flight has been notified to the passenger between 15 and 7 days before the scheduled departure date of the flight and an alternative route has been offered, the departure of which takes place no more than two hours before the scheduled flight time. original and arrive at the destination less than four hours after the initial scheduled arrival time.
  3. When the flight cancellation has been notified to the passenger at least 7 days before the scheduled flight departure date and has been offered an alternative route whose departure is to be made at most one hour before the original time and arrival the destination is a maximum of two hours after the scheduled time for the initial flight.
  4. In reference to the section Right to compensation, the airline establishes that it can demonstrate that the cause of the cancellation is due to extraordinary and unavoidable circumstances while taking all possible measures to avoid such circumstances.

The following are considered extraordinary or unavoidable circumstances: political instability, weather conditions, precaution and security, strikes or other labor disputes or delay in air traffic control service.


Although in many cases flight cancellations are caused by causes beyond the passenger's control, there are a series of basic recommendations that should be taken into account when we are going to proceed to book a flight:

  • If a bad weather is expected at the destination airport, one option could be to book a route that lands at an airport close to the desired one and travel there by bus, train or other means of transport. This can save you trouble and take away the risk of your flight being canceled, plus it can end up being cheaper.
  • Check well the routes they offer other airlines in case they offer routes on a date close to the desired one that is free of meteorological or political problems, labor disputes, etc.
  • When you go to book a flight, always check the meteorological conditions scheduled for that day, both at the airport of origin and at the destination.

The contact telephone number that Ryanair offers for questions or complaints in each country is toll-free and works from 08:00 to 19:00 hours, so we advise you to make all inquiries through the Internet and use the telephone only when strictly necesary.

From this link you can access the refund request form. In addition, Ryanair has a free online chat service from its website.

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