If you plan to travel through Mexico and want to be accompanied by your pet, you will have to stay in a hotel pet friendly. There are more and more establishments that allow animals and we can find everything from cheap to luxury. In this article we will talk about some of the best in the country, ordered from lowest to highest quality. Which is the best hotel pet friendly from Mexico?

10. Hotel Posada San Agustin, Durango

If you want to enjoy the historic center of Durango with your pet, the Hotel Posada San Agustin It is perfect, as it is located in this area of ​​the city, near the Cathedral Basilica Menor.

The hotel is an old building of the nineteenth century. It has a total of 19 rooms, six of them suites. In addition to accepting animals, if you go with your family, they can provide you with a cot or an extra bed.

9. Aurea Hotel & Suites, Guadalajara

This hotel is located in the Expo Zone of Guadalajara, specifically in Zapopan. It's a hotel pet friendly It even has some animals like birds and fish.

To stay with your pet, the first night you will have to pay $ 300 for cleaning and lodging. From the second night, it's 130 Mexican pesos. Also, your pet always has to be on a leash.

El Aurea Hotel & Suites It is organized in several towers built around a garden with a heated pool and there are a total of 80 rooms. Some of these have their own kitchen.

8. Hotel Casa de Sierra Azul, Oaxaca

El Sierra Azul House Hotel, with four stars, is located in the center of Oaxaca. It has great historical value, since it dates back to the XNUMXth century and is named as Historical monument.

It has a total of 21 rooms where you can stay with your pet. In addition, each of them welcomes guests with fresh fruit and flowers.

Its location is perfect to get to know this city, as the hotel is located just two blocks from the Zócalo, the most touristic area. Therefore, you will have no excuse to miss these corners.

7. Hotel & Suites Posada del Parque, Xalapa

In the Hotel & Suites Posada del Parque Animals up to 25 kg are allowed. They must walk on a leash in common places and cannot be left alone. In addition, you only have to pay a charge of 100 Mexican pesos per night, making it a cheap option.

This lodging is located in the historic center of Xalapa, Veracruz, just five minutes from the Metropolitan Cathedral. It has eleven suites and children under eleven do not have to pay.

6. Hotel Nuestra Casa-Sai, Acapulco

El Hotel Our House-Sai It is located in Pie de la Cuesta, 10 kilometers from Acapulco, one of the most touristic areas in the country. This accommodation has a swimming pool, green areas and a beach club.

Dogs and cats are allowed, and the additional amount that you have to pay depends on the size of the animal, having to pay $ 100 per night for small ones, $ 150 for medium ones and $ 200 for large ones.

Among the services available to pets are the cushion in the room, drinking fountains in the common areas and the possibility of trying a gourmet canine menu for an extra price.

5. Monte León Hotel Boutique & Gallery, León

This accommodation is the first hotel Book which was opened in León. Its decoration is cared for in detail, so much so that it has its own art gallery, which is updated every two months.

Pets are admitted for a fee of $ 200 per night. Upon arrival at Hotel Monte LeonThey are given some welcome cookies and a plate so they can eat comfortably in their room.

4. Jolie Jungle Eco Hotel Boutique, Puerto Morelos

If you are looking for a different accommodation option where you can enjoy nature and do not have to give up going with your pet, the Jolie Jungle Eco Hotel Boutique It is a good choice.

It is an ecological hotel located in the jungle from which you can see up to 120 species birds, as well as other animals and plants. In addition, it is close to the Cancun airport, the most important city in the Riviera Maya.

It is an ecological alternative to the big ones resorts from this area, as the environment is respected and recycled material is used as far as possible.

3. Real del Mar Golf Resort Tennis & Spa, Tijuana

This Tijuana complex is located between the beaches of Tijuana and Rosarito. It is made up of a total of five buildings and has a large number of services, including the following:

  • Golf course
  • Pool
  • Spa
  • Equestrian Center
  • Gym
  • Tennis court
  • Beauty salon
  • Playroom

El Hotel Real del Mar It is, therefore, perfect for relaxing and practicing your favorite sport outdoors without the need to get away from your pet.

2. Sheraton Ambassador Hotel, Monterey

Monterrey is one of the largest cities in Mexico. However, it is not easy to find a quality hotel that accepts dogs or cats. If you need an accommodation of these characteristics, you can book at the Sheraton Ambassador Hotel.

In it, to stay with your pet, you must leave a deposit of 300 Mexican pesos per night. On the other hand, its facilities include the swimming pool with hidromasaje, the tennis court and the gym.

1. W Mexico City, Mexico DF

In this luxurious hotel in Mexico City they follow the PAW philosophy: Pets Are Welcome (pets are welcome). In this way, they make it clear that you can stay accompanied by your partner.

This has an additional charge of $ 25 per room and $ 100 for cleaning. He W Mexico City has some services such as walking and feeding of dogs and baths carried out by an external company.

In addition, guests can enjoy a spa that offers some relaxing and beauty treatments such as aromatherapy. As for the rooms, they stand out for their modern design. For all these reasons, the W Mexico City is the best hotel pet friendly Mexico.

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